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Filatelia Gálvez is owned by José Antonio Reol de Marina who eventhough is retired from the daily routine still continues on charge of the main decisions of the company that has inherited from his father Antonio Reol and his dearest aunt Rafaela Reol. Managers of the company since the death of Manuel Gálvez in 1960 have been in this order:

Rafaela Reol de Gálvez (until 1986)
Antonio Reol Suárez (until 1993)
José Antonio Reol de Marina (until today)

Concha Reol Franco daugther of José Antonio Reol is in charge of the daily routine of the company since 2002. Member of the board of IFSDA since 2004. The objectives of IFSDA are the following :

To promote and maintain a high standard of professional integrity among Philatelic dealers throughout the world.
To promote the exchange among the member organizations of information and literature likely to be of service to the philatelic trade.
To try in all ways to reduce the barriers in international Philatelic trade.
To promote the exchange of information regarding the marketing of stolen, forged, faked and repaired stamps.
To promote and help promoting stamp collecting throughout the world.

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